O'bex Founder Paola Soto loved sharing her passion for traveling with friends and clients across the globe, but she had one constant concern: the exposure to germs while travelling.

Paola brought along a litany of cleaning products and wipes, all antiseptic, ineffective or temporary. She wiped down tray tables, seat belts and armrests in every step of her travel from the Uber to airport, movies theaters to food courts.

Paola wanted to help solve the problem. She used a germometer to measure bacteria levels on surfaces from seatbelts to head rests, screens to toilet flushers.  After analyzing the data, what she found was equal parts affirming and disturbing: traveling is dirty business.

She worked with American factories to create a solution that will provide a hygienic surface. This was all before the Covid-19 pandemic swept the globe. Now she has developed a solution to reduce travel germs to help people enjoy the world.